The World & North American PBX/IP PBX Market by the Numbers [Charts]

I came across a preso by Jeremiah Caron of Current Analysis covering the World & North American PBX/IP PBX Market. The preso is to be presented at the Enterprise Connect event this week in Orlando. The data confirms what Infonetics Research reported last week that the race is becoming tighter between the top PBX vendors as they try to compete based on IP and UC applications. The good news is the market is growing for the enterprise telephony equipment: $8.3 billion in 2010, up from $7.7 billion in 2009 despite a lackluster 4th quarter in 2010. In that quarter the overall market experienced a slight dip of 5%. However, year-over-year, the market has seen 3 quarters of consecutivegrowth. It’s apparent that Avaya’s pickup of Nortel helped increase in-market lines plus it seems it significantly added to a revenue increase as well. Current Analysis did a great job of reporting the north american and (the rest of) the world’s market share for PBX and IP PBX equipment.

Finally, here is a chart of the competitive threat index of the top platforms:

My pov is this reiterates what we really already know—The PBX market is highly competitive and any differentiation will need to come from UC applications that are mashed up between the fixed and mobile networks. This will be driven by a tightly coupled solution between the IP PBXs and UC/FMC servers and softphones. The endpoint (softphone) is the most critical facet of the end-to-end solution because it unlocks the value of the services from the IP PBXs (and FMC servers) that users rely on everyday. Also, I am seeing requirements for the softphone to become “the remote control” for UC communications… especially on the mobile.

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